Privacy Policy

What information we collect.

Ad-supported businesses often track a lot of information about you to better serve advertisers. isn’t like that. We have no ads and the business model is a simple subscription where you pay for extra features you use, such as blog hosting. We only collect enough information to run

This help page outlines what kind of data is used by each major component of platform

You register with a name, email address, username, and web site URL. We store this information in a database on the servers. We send email to your address such as subscription receipts or other occasional notifications. If you do not upload a profile photo, we use a hash of your email address to look up a profile photo on Gravatar. does not have traditional passwords. When signing in, we generate a random number to establish your web browser session. There are also tokens on your account that can be used with third-party apps. We use cookies to keep track of when you are signed in to

Your time zone and IP address are sent from a web browser when visiting We store the time zone with your account and use it to adjust all the post times to your local time. We use the IP address to rate-limit a client when there are too many requests in a short time period.

The timeline in is built in part from RSS or JSON feeds. When you add a feed to, it is considered public and may be included in subscription exports. Do not add private feeds or feed URLs that contain passwords.

If you enable cross-posting to Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Mastodon, we store authentication information that lets post to your accounts on those services.

Hosted blogs

Blogs hosted on are as separate as possible from the rest of the platform, and so by default collect less information from visitors.

We log a visitor’s IP address, web browser version, and requested path on your blog. These logs are kept for 2 months.

In most themes, some resources are retrieved from the main platform. For example, the profile photo and JavaScript to include replies for a blog post, if enabled. When one of these resources is loaded and a visitor is already signed in to, a cookie identifying the visitor is sent to Otherwise, no cookies are ever used for hosted blogs.

Supporting services relies on a few other services as supporting infrastructure, including:

  • Inleed: Hosting the Web app and database servers.
  • Cloudflare & Yandex: Analytics used only on the home page and registration page to see how many people are visiting